Life currently is not treating me well. Found myself sitting in my chair many times over the past couple of weeks doing nothing but thinking about how life sucks. A friend I really admired and valued our relationship so highly seemed to have taken a weird turn and the most frustrating thing is that I don't know how to go about fixing it. I don't have the courage to speak out to them and let them know how it's making me feel and what I can do to make it normal again. I just want it back so badly so I can stop crying myself to sleep every night. I just feel so alone at the moment.

Family is compounding the effect as that turned to shit about the same time. Now I can't even seek out the comfort of my closest friend to help ease the suffering. I feel completely isolated and now there's just no drive in my heart to do anything. All I end up doing is laying around in my room brooding these sad thoughts and turning on the water works. The office used to be a safe place away from it all but there's nothing there for me any more either.

I feel like it would just be easier to keel over and just spiral down into a bottomless hole but there's that small slice of hope that is clinging on. I really just want my friend back, although that hope is constantly being crushed everyday and the pain of that is so much it makes the bottom of the hole that much more inviting.

Brighton 2014

Thought I'd try and be a little creative this weekend and finally do some much needed video editing practice. Thank you so much to my best buds Malik and Mariel for making this trip happen!

Music: Sweet - Tamara Laurel

For the past few months I've been working on a brand new look for the corporate website for our company. I might be biased but I think it's coming along really nicely. It needs a little bit more polish and some work on the copy but for all intents and purposes we could probably release the new site right now without too much of a problem. Especially when you compare it to our old site.

This is the first time I have been using a WYSIWYG editor seriously for a project and I have to say it isn't all bad. Weebly, I think, have the best balance of user friendliness and customisation for the hardcore (me) and would highly recommend for beginner and expert web builders. Although I can get frustrated very easily when the friendly interface starts bugging out from all the custom code I've put in. The majority of the site is custom code but hopefully my colleagues will also be able to add content easily using the built-in drag and drop functions. Needless to say I am quite proud of my baby.

I'm headed off to the snowy slopes of Bulgaria tomorrow so it will probably still be a little while longer until it makes the official switch over. Which is sort of good because then the links in this post will still be working in the correct context for a while at least! There will be loads of photos from the slopes to share when I get back too!

On a side note, since the theme update to my site there are still a few visual bugs (like the one below this post) that still need fixing. I'll do it soon I promise! I'm not lazy...